TSV Test (Tab Separated Values)

This is a test graph . If you can not view it, you need to install a viewer:

Detailed file information

The graph shown above uses the standard text/tab-separated-value MIME type and the header line is designed for maximum portability, e.g.:

    #x	y
    4.2	1.0
    -3.2	1.3
    10.1	0.4
    2.0	-0.5

The use of the leading '#' character is not standard but is included for maxmimum portability with some older graphing packages. The use of the '#' character will be removed once more packages support native TSV data. Note that TAB characters separate the columns. The titles ('x' and 'y' in this case) may be of arbitrary length and may contain spaces but must not contain TAB characters.

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